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Friend Mapper is 100 percent permission-based and users share location information only with their selected friends. Friend Mapper users can easily turn location-sharing on or off at any time on a friend-by-friend basis or for all friends at once.

Closed, Private Networks for 'Live' Location Sharing.
To initiate a link to a friend, a subscriber must already know the friend's email address and, optionally, the friend's phone number. When a link request is successfully sent, the prospective friend must consent to the link request before any 'live' (i.e., real-time) location sharing will occur. In other words, Friend Mapper users only see where their established friends are on the Friend Mapper map, either on the iPhone application or

Data Security.
Friend Mapper does not maintain "location history." Friend Mapper maintains only the most recent location fix.

The personal information that you provide in registering with Friend Mapper/Amigo Mapper and Winkpass Creations will not be sold or shared with any third party at any time.


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