Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is Friend Mapper different than the other apps out there?
Friend Mapper is different because it allows you to see multiple friends' locations at a time, on your iPhone or computer, or both, LIVE!

Sit back and watch your friends' locations move on the map. No need to refresh the map or reload the application to view the current location. Friend Mapper sends location updates as often as you choose (as frquently as every 15 seconds to as infrequently as every 52 seconds).

2. Why use Friend Mapper when I can just call my friends to find out their locations?
Once you use Friend Mapper, you will wonder how you lived without it! That's what our users have told us anyway. When you are trying to meet up with someone, it can be difficult to coordinate and even get through on the phone sometimes. If you both (or all) agree to have Friend Mapper running, you can simply look at the map in your hands and know where each person is at any given moment, making the meeting more efficient and less ambiguous.

3. What if I want to keep my location private?
You can choose to unlink or hide from your friends at any time. Touch the "Friends" marker in the Friend Mapper application. Touch your "Linked Friends" that you want to hide from or unlink. From the pop-up menu, choose to "Cancel", "Hide From", Edit", or "Unlink".

4. How accurate is the location shown of my friends?
This varies depending upon conditions but can be accurate to less than 10 meters.

5. Can I use Friend Mapper on my computer as well as my iPhone?
You may use on your computer to manage and locate friends. Friend Mapper on your iPhone allows all these features plus sharing your location with your friends.

6. I'm visiting a friend out of town this weekend who does not have an iPhone. How can she view my progress online as a drive?
Have your friend go to and proceed as follows:
1. Click on "Register Here" on the "Friend Mapper Login" box.
2. Register and then click on the "Manage Friends" button in the upper left corner.
3. "Add New Friend" by entering amigo's email address (amigo will now appear in "Pending Requests" list, colored red).
4. Your amigo will receive an email with a link request, and once he or she agrees, this amigo's name will appear under "Linked Friends" in black text.
5. You may now view your amigo's progress by clicking the "Locate Friends" button in the upper left corner.

7. I have four different linked amigos. How do I know who is who on the map?
Under the map you will see a list of your linked amigos, each with a different colored marker to the left of his or her name. To center the map on a particular amigo, select that person from the list.

8. I would like to see all of my linked amigos on the map at once. How do I do that?
You will need to zoom out on the map until all amigos are within the boundaries.

9. How many amigos may I be linked to simultaneously?
Friend Mapper currently allows you to simultaneously be linked with six friends.

10. What is the difference between "Hide From" and "Unlink"?
"Hide From" moves that amigo to the "Hiding From/In Hiding" section of the "Friends" screen. That person will no longer appear on your map and you will not appear on his or her map. You may select their name at any time from the "Hiding From/In Hiding" section to "Re-link" or "Remove". If you "Re-Link" you do not have to wait for a link request to be sent that person. As long as he or she adds you to "Linked Friends", you will be able to view each other on the map. "Unlink" on the other hand will completely unlink that person and move him or her to "Friend History". If you ever want to link to that person again in the future, will will have to initiate a link request once again.

11. I would like to use one-touch dialing and texting with a linked amigo, but the "call" and "text" buttons aren't appearing on the map screen.
First, make sure that you have selected the amigo who you'd like to call or text. If the buttons still are missing, do the following:
1. Touch the "Friends" button on the toolbar to go to the "Manage Friends" screen.
2. Touch the amigo's name and a menu will pop up. Select "Edit" from the menu.
3. Enter the amigo's telephone number, including area code (this information will not be shared with anyone else).
4. Touch "Save" in upper left corner.
4. Return to the "Map" screen, select amigo from table, and "Call" and "Text" buttons should now appear.

12. Will my iPhone continue sending my location updates if it goes into sleep mode?
Friend Mapper does continue to send location updates even on the Edge if your phone goes into power saving mode as long as you're on the map view when this happens.

13. I'm having problems logging in after registering. Why is this happening?
There is a known issue with version 1.0 of the app which may prevent you from logging in after registering. If you registered using a password that contained the characters '#', '+', or '&' you will not be able to log in from the either the website or the app, depending on which one you initially registered from. If this is the case for you please email us and we shall reset your password to a temporary setting which you may then change from the Friend Mapper website.


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