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Friend Mapper brings you the technology to share your live location with your friends. When someone is awaiting your arrival, the touch of a button is all he or she will need to track your progress! A marker representing you will be presented on a map, moving as you move!

Add and remove friends as often as you like. Choose whether you want to show your location to your friends or to remain hidden!

Access friends and maps online or from your iPhone. Get started today and waste no more time guessing!

Available on the iPhone App Store
Friend Mapper displays your LIVE (moving!) position.
✔ Link to other friends running Friend Mapper and WATCH them move. You may view up to seven people on the map at the same time!
✔ Hide your position at any time.
✔ Last update is noted next to each friend.
✔ Use one-touch dialing or one-touch texting with any linked amigo (iPhone only).

If you have any questions, please read the FAQS or email us at support@winkpass.com.

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