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Manage friends from the list below by Adding them, or selecting their address under the Pending/Linked lists below and clicking ADD >> or CLEAR SELECTED to link, unlink/cancel request.
Hint: Hold down CTRL key (Windows)
or Command key (Mac) for multiple selections.

Add New Friend:

Pending Requests: Linked Friends:

Managing Your Friends

1. "Add New Friend" by entering friend's email address (friends will now appear in "Pending Requests" list, colored red).

2. Your friend will receive an email with a link request, and once he or she agrees by creating a Friend Mapper account (if they don't already have one) and accepting your link request, their name will appear under "Linked Friends" in black text.

3. You may now view your friend's location by clicking the "Locate Friends" button on the main menu.


Friend Mapper Register

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NOTE: Passwords must contain
letters and numbers only.
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