Friend Mapper Tutorial

The blue marker represents your position on the map. The red marker represents one of your amigos, as displayed in the table below. Linked Friends table lists you and your currently linked amigos. Call or text your selectedamigo with one touch. Each table row shows the amigo's marker color, amigo's name and email, and time since location was updated. To center map on an amigo, touch his or her name. Touch this button to go to Settings screen. This Map button represents the current screen. Touch Friends button to manage your Friends.

Touch '+' to add a new amigo. When you are waiting for an amigo to approve a link request, his or her email address will appear here. You have received a link request. Touch the email address to say yes or no to the request. Your Linked Friends are listed here. Touch an amigo to hide, edit, or unlink. Your amigos in hiding or ones from whom you are hiding are listed here. Touch an amigo to change that status. Unlinked amigos are moved to Friend History. Touch an amigo to re-link or remove from  history. This alert on the Friends button lets you know that you have received one link request.

Turn Auto Center off if you want to view a section of the map away from the amigo markers. When Auto Center is on, markers are centered with each position update. This slider allows you to set how often Friend Mapper sends and receives position updates. Setting updates to every 7 seconds allows map positions to be most up to date but uses up battery the fastest. Setting updates to every 57 seconds preserves battery life, but results in less frequent map position updates.

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